About us

Post-war beginning

The company was founded in Japan in 1952, and the course of its history from the very beginning has been marked by the mission: to care for health and hygiene as well as the natural environment. It all started with hand washing when Shota Sayara (founder of Saraya) started producing one of the world’s first anti-bacterial liquid dispenser soaps.

Further development

In later years, we introduced further, much-needed products to the market, which to this day improve the quality of people’s lives, and at the same time are environmentally friendly. These include Arau natural soaps, a biodegradable kitchen detergent and the Smart San line of disinfection products.

Socially responsible activity

Today, 8 Sayara factories around the world produce consumer and professional products. At the same time, we are working more than ever to realize our vision of improving health, hygiene and the environment. This is evidenced by the numerous projects we engage in as part of our socially responsible company policy. We belong to the Round Table for Sustainable Palm Oil Production, we support the Borneo Conservation Trust foundation with a percentage of sales of selected products, and together with UNICEF we run the Wash a Million Hands project in Uganda.

Saraya in Poland

We are one of the largest producers of private label cosmetics in the country. We create innovative recipes and cosmetics of the highest quality for leading cosmetic and pharmaceutical brands. We have our own R&D laboratory, where a team of experts develops our formulas. We offer business clients support in the creation of cosmetic lines, selection of packaging and product design.

We also create our own brands, which include: Vellie, Vital Pharma+ and Renovital. Soon we will start selling world-famous natural care cosmetics, made in Japan.

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